Cardiovascular Technologies

Helping Cardiovascular Companies Advance Novel Therapeutic Technologies

In HPA’s more than 30-year history, our team has worked with a wide variety of novel cardiac implants/devices and diagnostic tools. Whether your needs involve assistance with regulatory strategy/submission or clinical trial strategy, design and execution, HPA has the experience and expertise to get your technology from prototype to commercialization. With a proven track record of advancing technology in a streamlined, ultra-efficient fashion that leads to quicker, more economical approvals, HPA can serve as a valuable asset to your cardiovascular company.

Clinical trials and studies must be designed to balance the need for rigor with the need for efficiency and speed. Patient-reported outcomes need to be accurately and consistently gathered, checked and assessed throughout the study rather than after the fact. The process of collecting health economics data needs to be built into your initial study, rather than running a costly additional study after regulatory approval and incurring delays in reimbursement.

HPA has extensive experience working with companies to deliver a wide range of cardiovascular medical device and diagnostic technologies, including but not limited to:

  • Coronary and peripheral stentsDrug-eluting and drug-coated balloons
  • Vascular closure and access devices
  • PICC & drainage catheters
  • Vascular grafts and patches
  • Technologies treating heart failure
  • IVC Filters
  • Catheter-based ablation technologies
  • Diagnostic and mapping catheters
  • Thrombectomy devices
  • AAA stent grafts
  • Cardiovascular monitoring devices
  • Intravascular imaging devices