Venture Capital Investing

Health Policy Associates has decades of experience in the biotechnology industry and is able to serve as a valuable bridge between the venture capital community and biotech companies seeking investors.

Our broad range of skills – from product development to regulatory compliance – and our relationship with the venture capital community is unique among regulatory and clinical consultants and is a valuable part of our services. We have expertise in performing due diligence as well as contacts and relationships across the industry with extensive medical device experience and knowledge.

We assist investors in the venture capital community evaluating investment opportunities and we provide services to device and biotech companies seeking investors.

Our services for the venture capital community include:

  • Identifying investment opportunities in a wide array of therapeutic areas
  • Providing experienced analysis of a company’s regulatory, clinical, and R&D development plans in terms of their responsiveness to regulatory and clinical requirements, market and reimbursement needs, and budgetary needs for development
  • Assisting in oversight and management of portfolio companies and providing critical guidance on all aspects of a company’s operation (including evaluations of personnel and project performance)

Our services for the device and and biotechnology community include:

  • Identifying VCs focused on your product’s space, stage, or geographical location, providing effective methods of communications between your company and the VC community, and helping to present your technologies to the appropriate VC firms
  • Developing credible project plans and timelines which enhance your company’s valuation
  • Assistance defining and achieving critical milestones which create important evaluation and inflection points to enhance success with venture and private financing